Tell your friends if you decide to take drugs at the festival. Try to have one friend who doesn’t use, be with people you trust, avoid using alone and stick together.

Start low and go slow, take a small test dose. Pace yourself by taking a small amount and leaving time between use can help you identify how you are reacting to the substance. If you don’t react as expected, avoid taking anymore.

Leave the mixing to the DJ: Avoid mixing drugs, including alcohol and prescription medication. This can increase your risk of becoming unwell or experiencing a drug emergency. Alcohol will increase the risks with all drugs. MDMA could interact negatively with some medications such as anti-depressants.

Keep cool and stay hydrated: Sip water but don’t drink over a pint an hour as drinking too much water can be dangerous as this can cause a blood salt imbalance in your body. Take breaks from dancing and give yourself time to cool down.

Medics are your mates: Don’t be afraid to get help if you or a friend becomes physically or mentally unwell. Know the location of the medical tent at D8 in The Garden and what you would do in case of an emergency. Be honest with medics about what was taken, they are there to help.

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